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Increase Your Curb Appeal with Cardinal Concrete in Auburn, AL

Whether in quaint residential settings or busy urban centers, curbs and gutters are essential components to streets, sidewalks, cul de sacs, parking lots, drive-thrus, and more. Curbs function as dividing lines between motor vehicles and pedestrians. In relation to gutters, they act as runnels for rain and other water. In essence, curbs and gutters are your first defense against flooding.

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How Do You Determine the Proper Type of Curb or Gutter for Each Project?

There are several types of curb and gutters that can be installed in various situations. While the most popular is 24” Curb and Gutter, other options include ribbon curbs to contain asphalt or gravel, valley gutters and rolling curbs to direct water flow and even sloping border curbs to provide a soft barrier between parking and landscaped spaces. 

Typically the type of curb and gutter for each project is determined by the project engineer, but if you are considering concrete curb and gutter on your project and are unsure of which option to choose, the Cardinal Concrete Services team will be glad to help you make the right decision for your project needs.  

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Curb & Gutter Options


This curb and gutter system can be found at most shopping centers, as it’s designed with a slight dip on one face of the hook. This modification allows for vehicles to easily drive over it and is preferred by pedestrians with shopping carts, strollers, or bikes.


Mow the lawn with efficiency by installing a mower curb and gutter system. This type of curb is only used on the lawn or flowerbed area, separating the green zone from the driveway or pathway.


This is the most commonly used curb. Barrier curbs are used for sidewalks, stores, parking spaces, and so much more.


The monolithic curb is fused with the road and designed to create more traction, making it easier for larger vehicles to pass without damaging the internal structure of the foundation.


Slanted curbs offer the same practicality of simple mower gutters, with an added decorative quality, making them a more aesthetically pleasing option.

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