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Specialized Concrete Grading Experts in Auburn, AL

The Cardinal Concrete team understands that grading is essential to building a solid foundation. Proper grading assures that the foundation remains strong as precipitation, wind, and usage attempt to erode your lot over time. Additionally, proper grading shunts these elements away from core, important structures, protecting against floods, water damage, and further erosion. Concrete grading focuses on the structural integrity of your project. During this process, we determine the best components for the concrete mix. Whether subcontracting or as direct contractors, our work is the same: the highest quality in the State of Georgia and beyond.

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Define Your Concrete Strength with Grading

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, Cardinal Concrete ensures that every inch of your foundation is firmed up through proper grading procedures. Concrete grading requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding of finer details. Far from simply mixing and pouring, the grading process entails complex calculations based on ingredients, ratios, and volumes. Our deep knowledge and over 40 years of experience make Cardinal Concrete the best grading team in the Southeast.


Grading FAQs

What is the Difference Between Excavating and Grading?

Excavating generally occurs early on in the construction process and facilitates the construction of foundations, sidewalks, and utilities by removal of topsoil. Grading involves smoothing the ground by evenly distributing topsoil to ensure the area looks aesthetically pleasing to enable the planting of grass and other landscaping.

Why is Grading Important for a Commercial Project?
Preparing the foundation to support a building and prevent structural damage is one of the most crucial facets in the early phases of construction. It’s also important to control water flow and direct away properly, efficiently, and ethically. Lastly, without a properly graded site, it will make desired landscaping aesthetics like walkways, parking areas, patios, etc. very difficult to plan and prepare. Our experienced team has comprehensive knowledge of where compacting is necessary to support higher demands for the intended structure, and how runoff water must be controlled with grading.
What Scope of Grading Services Do You Offer?
Cardinal Concrete Services typically provides turnkey concrete installation, meaning that we are fully capable of providing all necessary grading in-house. This includes both removal of insufficient subgrade as well as grading and compaction of the proper base material.
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